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Five of the Most Beautiful Gardens in the World to Visit

Butchart Gardens

If you love gardens, you should add them in your list of places to see when traveling. Many cities have beautiful gardens you can explore. But some have the most breathtaking ones that should be worth a visit. Here are seven of the most stunning gardens you can find around the world.

1. Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Butchart Gardens

The Butchart Gardens garden is a popular attraction for locals and tourists. It is considered as one of the world’s best floral show gardens. If you are planning on visiting, make sure to allot enough time for strolling around. See the Sunken Garden, Children’s Pavilion and Rose Carousel, Rose Garden, Japanese Garden, and Mediterranean Garden which are the highlights of this picture-perfect place.

2. Byōdō-in, Kyoto, Japan


There is no dearth of beautiful gardens in Japan. But some stand out more than the rest. And the Byodo-in Monastery Garden is one of them. It is one of the very few Pure Land gardens left in Japan. It traces its history to the Heian Period and is said to predate the Amida Hall. There are many stunning attractions to find in this garden like the Phoenix Hall, 52 wooden Worshiping Bodhisattvas on Clouds, and more.

3. Gardens at Versailles, Versailles, France

Gardens at Versailles

The Palace and Park of Versailles is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. A visit to this place is awe-inspiring not just because of the grandeur of the place. The vast garden in itself is a top attraction. A few hours are not enough to fully enjoy meandering in its many paths. The garden has many flower beds, lakes, sculptures, and more. It also features a canal. Stroll around the garden and marvel at the majestic sight the palace and its gardens present.

4. Keukenhof, Lisse, Netherlands


Keukenhof is a renowned flower garden, said to be one of the world’s largest, located in Lisse, Netherlands. This place has a massive collection of tulips with millions of blooms delighting visitors. It has hundreds of different types of tulips that provide an amazing display of colors as they bloom.

5. Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne, Australia

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

The Royal Botanic Gardens is a famous attraction in Melbourne. It is also one of the most visited with millions of locals and tourists exploring this scenic garden located at the heart of the city. It boasts of tens of thousands of plants many of which come from around the world. It showcases a well-designed landscape that makes you want to explore more. It has many facilities that make a visit more convenient. Some of the must-see attractions inside the gardens are the Guilfoyle’s Volcano water reservoir, National Herbarium, Plant Craft Cottage, and more.

Sustainable Living: 2 of the Best Books on Urban Gardening



Growing your own food, or at least some of it is a small but important step towards greater self-sufficiency. Living in a big city with hardly any space for a small patch of vegetable garden is no longer an excuse not to grow your own. And if you have read any sustainable living book, the advantages of cultivating edibles begins to make more sense than ever. So if you are thinking of doing a bit of gardening of your own to become more self-sufficient, here are some of the best books on urban gardening to get you started.

1. Small-Space Container Gardens: Transform Your Balcony, Porch, or Patio with Fruits, Flowers, Foliage, and Herbs by Fern Richardson
This is a handy book to have for anyone who is interested in small-space gardening. It not only shares the basics of growing plants in containers but also shares a lot of creative ideas on how to maximize small spaces like balconies and porches. It also provides information and tips on which types of plants are best suited for the climate and other helpful guides to make it easier for you to start growing your own garden at home.

2. Urban Farm Handbook: City Slicker Resources for Growing, Raising, Sourcing, Trading, and Preparing What You Eat by Annette Cottrell
Imagine if you do not have to buy everything you need from the supermarket so you can prepare a meal? What if you can harvest the vegetables, fruits, or herbs you need straight from your garden? Urban Farm Handbook will help you do that. This book provides ideas, tips, and how-to guides on how you can grow your own urban garden and become more self-sustaining.

Benefits Of Gardening


Those blooming flowers in your frontyard, those rising trees in your backyard…

Aren’t they wonderful to see? Aren’t they delightful to experience?

You see, gardening is not just about growing flowers. It’s about creating a wonderful sight of blooming flowers for others to wonder at. You also see, gardening is not just about growing trees. It’s about creating a delightful experience of rising trees for others to delight at.

That being said, here are some benefits of gardening at home:

It allows you to improve your health and fitness.

Gardening doesn’t just allow you to grow plants, but also allows you to improve your health and fitness. This is because when you’re gardening, you will be exposed to the sun’s bright rays that come with vitamin D – helping your body get the right levels of calcium for your teeth and phosphorous for your bones. This is also because when you’re gardening, you will be conditioned enough to do heavier tasks in the future – just by stretching, reaching, bending, and lifting.

You will appreciate the miracles of life even more.

It’s not just about having parts for Ryobi leaf blower gardening activities. It’s about appreciating the miracles of life even more. It’s about appreciating other people even more. It’s about appreciating Mother Nature even more. It’s about appreciating yourself even more – for growing those wonderful flowers in your frontyard, for growing those delightful trees in your backyard.

It allows you to clear your mind.

Gardening doesn’t just allow you to improve your health and fitness, but also allows you to clear your mind. This is because when you’re gardening, your focus will be directed on the things you actually do – helping your mind filter things you don’t actually do. This is also because when you’re gardening, your productivity will be directed on the more important things – helping your mind focus on reaching your goals.

Do you know any other benefits of gardening? Let us know in the comments section below!