Things You Need To Know About Gardening and Urban Farming


Yes. Global Warming is real. With all the pollution and other greenhouse gases that’s being emitted by cars and factories everyday, it looks like that we are one or two centuries away from being doomed. When polar ice caps melt, it releases tremendous amounts of water to our oceans and make it rise drastically.

We should all work together in order to prevent this from happening. The good thing is, humanity is trying to make a comeback with gardening and urban farming. Trees and plants absorb Carbon Dioxide in the air and releases oxygen. Win-win situation right? So let’s cover some things that you need to know about gardening and urban farming.


Urban Farming Can Save Us From Global Warming

Air Pollution

Air Pollution = Global Warming

Back then, the Earth is still full of plant life. There came humans. Then there’s industrialization. We all know what happened next. Rainforests got replaced by Shopping Centers and Malls. Good thinking guys.

With urban farming and gardening, as I said a while ago, we humans are making a terrific comeback. Imagine every building and skyscraper in the whole world has their own garden in the sky. It can help us to combat the effects of Global Warming. Plus, it can provide citizens fresh fruits and vegetables without the hassle of transporting them. Which makes way for healthier eating habits. You can make fruit juices and mix them with vegetables. Juicing can provide us with great benefits like shedding our fats and detoxifying our bodies. You can visit this site to learn more about the benefits of juicing:

Gardening Can Be Healthy For You
Gardening Benefits

Recent Scientific studies shows that gardening might actually be good for you. They say that it relieves stress and anxiety. I think that’s true. Gardening reminds me of tranquility, peace and being one with nature. Wish I had a Green Thumb!

Scientists also says that it can boost your immune system. Soaking in the sun while gardening provides your body with Vitamin D, plus, they discovered that a bacteria thriving commonly in the soil helps prevent asthma, psoriasis and allergies. So grab your hat and gardening tools and start taking care of that awesome plant.


Thank you for reading. I hope you learned something from this article. See you!


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