If you are looking for ideas on which type of garden suits you, here are three of the many you can choose from.

Container garden

container gardening

Container gardening is a suitable choice if you do not have much space to cultivate a flower or vegetable garden. You can grow a wide array of plants like herbs and other edible plants with what limited space you have. It is also a great way to recycle items at home like discarded baskets, metal containers, and more.

Edible Garden

vegetable garden

Edible gardens allow you to grow your own herbs, fruits, or vegetables right at your own backyard. It is a great way to enjoy the freshest ingredients when needed. It complements a healthy lifestyle where you literally plant, nurture, harvest, and savor the harvests from your very own garden.

Flower garden

flowers in garden

Flower gardens add a touch of color to your surroundings. It can be therapeutic not to mention the benefits you get from the exercise you get from gardening. You can get creative with the design and watch the flowers transform your home once they are in bloom.